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Automatic Fire Doors
Automatic Fire Doors

Automatic Fire Doors

Put simply, fire rated doors connected to your fire alarm system provide excellent protection against the spread of fire, protecting both people and property.

Hadrian Window Systems manufacture and install a wide range of automatic glazed fire doors that provide the necessary protection and help to ensure the safe evacuation of anyone in your building, should a fire break out.

Fire rated doors and screens help to compartmentalise fire, preventing both the spread of fire and the radiation of heat (which can be just as deadly).

Available in a range of designs including sliding or swing configurations and specifications, our designs are certified for up to 2 hours protection from the spread of fire and radiant heat.


  • Frames can be manufactured from steel with a polyester powder coating in a standard colour of your choice.
  • Glazing can be single or double glazed and will be rated to suit your requirements.

Protection from flames and smoke (Class E)

  • Our fire rated doors and screens are certified to provide protection from fire, ranging from 30 minutes (minimum) to 2 hours (maximum).

Protection from heat (Class EI)

  • Our fire rated doors and screens can also be supplied with insulated glass units, which prevents the passage of radiant and surface heat, which can be just as devastating as the fire itself.

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