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Timber Framed Conservatories
Timber Framed Conservatories
Timber Framed Conservatories

Timber Framed Conservatories

We offer a full range of bespoke timber conservatories.

Timber has been a popular choice for centuries and is still preferred by many today.  Timber conservatories have a traditional beauty, durability and a timeless appeal.

Hadrian Group provide specialist advice from design to completion ensuring a style to suit every property.  If the property is in a conservation area or a listed building, timber may be your limited choice but rest assured we can work with you to meet the specifications required.

Built To Last

  • The wood is engineered to give opposing grains that dramatically reduce expansion and contraction prior to assembly the wood is pre-treated with a preservative base primer coat followed by 2 coats of micro porous paint or stain.
  • All our glass units are sourced from approved suppliers, audited to BS EN ISO 9001 quality standards. The units are manufactured and tested to BS EN 1279 and all safety glass is tested to BS EN12600:2002

Thermally Efficient

  • The profile is manufactured to maintain a stable appearance and provide constant thermal performance over a wide range of environmental conditions. Thermal properties are improved by the use of 28mm double glazing as standard.

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If you’d like to know more about what we can do for you, simply book an appointment with one of our designers and they will visit you in your home to discuss options and put together a free of charge, no-obligation quotation.

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