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Hybrid Windows
Hybrid Windows
Hybrid Windows
Hybrid Windows
Hybrid Windows

Hybrid Windows

Our Hybrid windows combine the insulating properties of timber inside with the durability of aluminium on the outside.

They allow us to create windows with very low heat loss (achieving U Values* well below the current and anticipated future Building Regulation requirements ) but without the problems associated with 100% timber frames.

They benefit from the long life and low maintenance associated with aluminium frames with all the benefits of engineered timber internally.

Available as Casement, Title & Turn and Fully Reversible windows, they come in a variety of finishes.


  • Externally our hybrid windows are available in a wide range of colours and styles making it easy to find the perfect windows for your home.
  • Internally the timber can be painted or treated to suit your individual taste.

Energy Efficient

  • Through careful selection of the glazing units and profiles, and a well engineered design (product size and mullion spacing), we can ensure the very best 'U' value for each window, door or curtain wall facade.

Safe & Secure

  • The combination of aluminium on the outside and timber on the inside provides a very strong and secure frame
  • We offer both espagnolette or shootbolt locking options to provide maximum protection against forced entry.

Virtually Maintenance Free

  • The external aluminium cladding offers better durability and requires lower maintenance than traditional full timber windows.
  • They also have a much longer lifetime than that of PVCu units (hybrid frames have an expected lifetime of 40 years .v. 25-35 years for PVCu).

*The U value is a measure how effective a material is as an insulator.

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