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Secondary Glazing
Secondary Glazing
Secondary Glazing
Secondary Glazing
Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing

Hadrian Window Systems specialise in the supply & installation of Internal Secondary Double Glazing for Noise and Thermal Insulation.

We supply and or install our products into flats, houses and commercial premises, wherever there is a need for noise and / or thermal Insulation, especially where the character of the property makes more modern replacement type windows inappropriate or, in the case of Listed or Conservation Area properties, where they are not allowed.


  • We provide a comprehensive range of styles to suit just about every application, including Horizontal Sliders, Hinged Units, Fixed and Lift-Out Units, Vertical Sliders, Balanced Vertical Sliders and Tilt-in Balanced Vertical Sliders.


  • Our range of Secondary Glazing comprises a slim aluminium outer frame joined to a seasoned hardwood surround, usually all finished in white, which allows for a neat, unobtrusive installation, even in the most difficult situations.
  • A range of sub-frames and scribing trims are used to assist face fixing, reveal fixing and the coupling of units. This allows for a sympathetic installation to all types of properties and all types of windows.
  • We can supply frames in white, silver or brown as standard and can accommodate any R.A.L. colour upon request to suit individual requirements.
  • We can also provide a wide range of glass types such as clear, patterned, toughened, laminated and acoustic.

Energy Efficient

  • When the major consideration is to improve energy efficiency and reduce noise, Secondary Double Glazing will always be much more effective than replacing the existing windows.

Safe & Secure

  • An additional benefit of Secondary Double Glazing is that it provides increased security.

Virtually Maintenance Free

  • Our secondary glazing units not only look great, they are practically maintenance free.

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